A Day in the Life: Adam Hoover, VMD


Adam Hoover, VMD

My name is Adam Hoover, and I work in a rural small animal/exotic practice in a town called Frankling in western Pennsylvania. As I’m writing this, today is Friday, my surgery day. Most of my surgeries today were routine spays and castrations. The only exceptions were a pit bull that had a small tumor on its side and a dog with bladder stones. Bladder stone surgeries are often very rewarding. The animal develops stones in the bladder from infection or an excess of calcium and these stones then cause the animals to have urinary accidents. The surgeries are rewarding because I go into the bladder, remove the stones, and the animal is instantly cured.
The other two things that I dealt with this morning were a dog with about fifty porcupine quills in its face and a bald eagle. The eagle was dead. The Game Commission will often bring us dead eagles that they find to see if they have been shot, which is a HUGE federal offense. We radiographed the eagle and did not find any bullets. I opened the bag that the eagle was in and took a closer look at it. This bird’s talons were huge, like the size of my finger. I wouldn’t want to be attacked by an eagle!
After lunch, I did appointments. Most were routine vaccinations or minor complaints like diarrhea or itchy animals. The only notable thing of the afternoon was the way it ended. An elderly lady brought in her cat because it was constipated, but it had been losing weight over the last five months, so I did some bloodwork. The cat was in renal failure. I admitted the cat to the hospital to receive fluids over the weekend. Fingers crossed, hopefully the cat will respond to it. After a busy day like today, I am definitely looking forward to the weekend!


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