A Day in the Life: Bob Lavan, DVM


Dr. Bob Lavan

As a member of the Outcomes Research group at Pfizer Animal Health (PAH), I use my skills in epidemiology and statistics to look for opportunities to demonstrate the value of PAH products to veterinarians, their staff and the general public. Value can refer to the cost that a pet owner or veterinarian pays for the product, or it can also refer to the advantage of using a more effective medication, including a quicker return to health, reduced severity of illness, and protection from disease.

I work with our Research and Development colleagues to bring important studies to our Sales and Marketing team, enabling them to tell the story of PAH products in terms that are meaningful to veterinarians and pet owners. Sometimes, Outcomes Research efforts are focused on a particular customer, demonstrating a particular product on their farm or in their clinic and comparing it against another product that they currently use.

At other times, my efforts may focus on data mining a pivotal efficacy or safety study, looking for information that would enhance current knowledge about a specific product and provide new information to practitioners. Either way, Outcomes Research tries to help veterinarians and pet owners understand the value of using Pfizer Animal Health products.


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