A Day in the Life: Hank Croft, VMD


Dr. Hank Croft

One of the great things about being a veterinarian is that no two days are the same. I get to know a lot of great pets and people through my profession. My name is Hank Croft VMD, and I have a rural small animal practice, Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The morning starts with taking care of my pets. I head to the barn to feed and check on my minature ponies, Brownie and Ginger, which were adopted from the humane society. Then to the chicken coop to take care of my chicken, Rooster Tom. Meanwhile my dog, Zoey, and kitty, Calli, are waiting for their breakfast. Now I am ready to go to work.

We are a 3-doctor practice and first thing, at 7:30am, we do an evaluation of all our hospitalized patients and make phone calls to their parents. Usually, we also have a stray or abandoned cat or dog that we have taken in, hoping to get them a good home. Most times, one of the staff just ends up with a new pet!

Patients soon start arriving for surgery or office appointments. As veterinarians, we see a variety of animals with a variety of reasons for being there, from healthy puppy and kitten visits to the dog we saw today with 200 plus porcupine quills stuck in his mouth and muzzle. Surgeries today include spays, neuters, an exploratory operation, and a mass removal. At 11:30am, I am off to the weekly Rotary meeting followed by a visit to a preschool to present a “Bite Free” program. This a program we offer to groups to teach pet responsibilty and how not to be bitten by a dog. My office manager and her Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) dog meet me there and we do a hands on presentation. We love doing it, and the kids really enjoy it, too. Then back to the clinic to see a few more cases.

At 3:30pm, I meet with Cole, a boy scout doing his Animal Care Merit Badge. Who knows … he may be a veterinarian someday! At the end of the day, we make sure all calls are returned and the pets staying overnight are taken care of, then it’s home to spend some time with my gang and relax.


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