Blitz the Cat


Blitz after his recovery

Howdy. My name is Blitz. I am very cute and very fast, hence my name. I was born in September 2010 in Hobo Cat Village near Norristown, PA. My mom was a queen and my dad was a travellin’ Tom. I was to be the studliest knock about cat with aspirations to become Roger Miller’s “King of the Road”. At the end of December, at the wizened age of four months, something bad happened, which turned out to be good. 

John Q. Good Samaritan found me after a severe injury to my left leg. He rushed me to Trooper Veterinary Hospital, in Norristown, PA. He could not take care of me, so he handed me over to the good folks there. A lady doctor, Dr. Cleary, took me in her arms, gave me some pain medicine and ordered sedation and radiographs. After careful palpation and reading the radiographs, she whispered in my ear that I had a left distal physeal femoral Salter-Harris Type II fracture.

I looked up and asked her, “What the heck did you just say?” She told me, “It’s a broken leg, but don’t worry, we know a guy.” Actually his name is Dr. Guy DeNardo. Dr. Guy is a traveling surgeon who came and fixed my broken leg with two stainless steel pins. The technicians assisted the surgeon throughout the procedure. They kept me comfy with pain medicine post-op, and my recovery went well. During the next two months, the veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants gave me lots of TLC and R&R. I was tested for all the bad stuff that stray kitties can come with, de-wormed, and vaccinated against all the bad stuff kitties can get. I also got neutered. Oh well, guess I will not become “King of the Road”!

And did I mention that the entire staff at Trooper spoiled me rotten? One of Trooper’s technicians has a son who lives in Reading. When he came to visit me, I charmed him with my cuteness and he took me home. I like living in Reading. Now that I live 100% indoors, I promise not to get fat and lazy.

I sincerely thank Mr. John Q. Good Samaritan, and all the doctors, technicians and assistants who helped me. Lastly I need to thank The Last Chance Fund (TLC) and all the people across Pennsylvania for donating to the fund. TLC provided financial support so that I am alive today to tell you my story; and I’m stickin’ to it.

Very truly yours, Blitz the Cat
Our “TLC” stands for The Last Chance Fund and “tender loving care,” because that is what we strive to offer for animals who may not get any care at all without the fund. The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF) established our “The Last Chance Fund” (TLC) in 2009 to help ensure a source of funding for the care of abused or neglected, unowned companion animals that might otherwise be euthanized or turned over to an animal shelter that is already overburdened.

We see the TLC Fund as a true partnership between veterinary practices, their clients, other pet owners, and the animal loving public that will result in the emergency care and necessary treatment of animals who might not get the proper care without this fund. TLC is funded solely by donations. If you would like to learn more about the program or make a donation, please click here.


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