PVMA’s 2012 Poster and Photo Contests Now Open!


poster contest flyerEach year, PVMA celebrates National Pet Week. National Pet Week was begun in 1981 to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote public awareness of veterinary medicine. In 2012, National Pet Week is May 6-12, and we are again rolling out our statewide poster contest and digital photography contests.

So how does it work?
Any Pennsylvania child in kindergarten through 12th grade is encouraged to draw a poster demonstrating our chosen theme, “Imagine the Pawsibilities: People, Pets, and Veterinarians.” Our goal is to help children think creatively about veterinary medicine and how important veterinarians are in their lives. Posters are accepted through May 31, 2012. Once all the entries are here, they are judged by grade level and a winner is selected for each grade. That winner receives an engraved plaque and $50 cash prize as well as an invitation to receive their award in person.

Know a child in PA who’s interested but not an artist? Take a photo!
We also host a digital photography contest. Take a digital photo based on the theme “A Photo Shot of Love” and submit that for the contest. All photo entries will also be judged by grade level after May 31 and winners will receive an engraved plaque and $50 cash prize. They will also be invited to receive their award in person. Additionally, all digital photography entries will be added to an online gallery on PVMA’s website, www.pavma.org, through the duration of the contest!

Want to participate? Full rules of each contest and submission details are available on our flyer. Click here to download.

Have a child who’d like to participate but doesn’t live in PA? Encourage your local veterinary practice or association to hold their own contest. It’s a fun way to encourage thought about veterinary medicine and the importance our pets have in our lives.


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