Normally I wouldn’t use this blog as a place to promote an event, but as the event has a bigger purpose, I’m going to take a liberty. Here at PVMA, we have a charitable arm of our association called the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation which primarily takes donations in order to provide veterinary students with scholarships. In recent years we expanded our focus to include additional programs like The Last Chance Fund (TLC), which collects donations to pay for the care or treatment of abused or neglected unowned companion animals.

Let me explain how it works.



Spike here was found injured along the side of the road when he was about 4 months old. The good Samaritan who picked him up noticed a leg injury and took him to a nearby veterinary hospital. Spike was examined and determined to have a broken leg that needed surgery to fix, but remember, he was a stray. He’s got no collar, no microchip, and seemingly no owner. He’s also got a broken leg. Who’s going to pay to fix it?

That’s where TLC comes in. The funds donated to TLC allow the veterinarian to do what needs to be done to get the animal back to good health instead of euthanizing it or taking it to an overburdened shelter. Once the animal is healthy, it can then be adopted to a good home. Veterinarians in general will do as much pro bono work as their budgets will allow, but with help from TLC, even more deserving animals can get a second chance at a good home. And who wouldn’t want to help a dog with a face like Spike’s!

But back to that event I mentioned. As a fundraiser for TLC, we are hosting our 3rd Annual Bark in the Park 5k Run & 1 Mile Dog walk on Sunday, October 28 on City Island in Harrisburg, PA. Each year Bark in the Park is a fun way for us to raise awareness about The Last Chance Fund and to get people and dogs out together. Runners raise pledges that are donated on race day to benefit TLC and it really does make a difference. If you’re from the area and you like to run, or even if you just want to do the dog walk, come on out! We’d love to have you. If you can’t join us, consider making a donation if you like the service that TLC provides to animals. Want to read more about TLC? Click here. Or if you want to learn more about Bark in the Park, click here.

Spike, needless to say, charmed the staff at the veterinary hospital immediately. During his recovery process, he was so popular that he was adopted before he was even allowed to leave the hospital. Stories like these are what make TLC such a valuable program for the Foundation and for animals in need.


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