PA Farm Show Draws to a Close


Tomorrow signals the end of the 97th Pennsylvania Farm Show, a week filled with great food, animals galore, and many booths to visit. PVMA exhibits at Farm Show to emphasize the importance of veterinary medicine and we share our booth with the Pennsylvania Veterinary Technicians Association (PVTA), the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF), and the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR) in an effort to show people a well-rounded view of what veterinary medicine really is.

IMG-20120112-04164A highlight is our friend Mark Zebrowski with his therapy dogs. Mark’s dogs are the biggest highlight of the booth each year and draw in more people than anything else. They endure hugs, pats, naps with little ones, having their heartbeat listened to, and inevitably some snacks from admirers.

Another great display which PVMA is proud to be a part of is the Today’s Agriculture display. It’s a barn constructed inside the farm show building which houses chickens, ducks, turkeys, swine, beef and dairy cattle, and veal calves. The aim is to show these animals in the type of living conditions they have on a farm and to show people where their food is coming from. Consumers like seeing the animals as well as talking with the producers who own them who are also on hand to answer questions.

If you’ve never been to the PA Farm Show, you should consider making the trip next year. You won’t get fresher food anywhere and you might even learn something while waving to the animals.



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