5 Ways to Have Fun With Your New Cat!


June is Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month! If you are planning on bringing home a new furry feline friend, here are some tips courtesy of the CATalyst Council on 5 fun activities to do with a newly adopted cat.

  1. kitten

    June is Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month!

    Set up your cat’s first veterinary visit. Ensuring your newly found friend lives a long and happy life starts when you establish a relationship with your local veterinarian. While your cat may have received some basic vaccinations prior to its adoption, it is important that you see your veterinarian as soon as possible. At your first visit, discuss preventive healthcare. After your initial visit, make sure your cat sees a veterinarian at least once a year for a routine wellness exam. By starting right after you adopt your cat, you’ll establish a close and helpful relationship with your cat’s health care expert.

  2. Teach your cat a trick. While most cat owners will tell you how smart their cats are, many don’t realize that their feline friends can learn tricks. With a little patience and some rewards—treats or a favorite toy will work—your cat can easily learn to sit, roll over, jump, give five — your imagination is the limit! The activity will also strengthen the bond between you and your cat and exercise your cat’s mind.
  3. Get your cat to love its carrier. If your cat sees its carrier as a great place to hang out, it will make going anywhere—the veterinarian, a friend’s house, the pet store—pleasant for both of you. Follow the tips in this video and your cat will love the carrier.
  4. Take your cat outside (appropriately). While most veterinarians and cat experts recommend that cats live indoors, it can be good for your cat to venture outside as long as it is restrained on a leash with a cat harness or in a cat stroller. The fresh air and sights will invigorate your cat. Training your cat to be comfortable on a leash can take a little patience, but your cat will love these outings once it is used to the sensation of the harness.
  5. Play with your cat. Part of the joy of having a new cat is figuring out what makes it tick. All cats have a prey drive and are natural hunters, but figuring out which type of prey toy it likes best is great fun for both you and your cat. Try different objects—fishing-type toys, fake mice, a ball in a stationary round track, food reward toys — there are an abundance of cat toys on the market and you can even find sites online that can show you how to make your own. But be on the lookout and immediately remove a toy if it is destroyed or broken. Also inspect toys prior to purchasing for choking hazards.

Each of these activities will help to cement the bond between you and your new feline friend. Cats are wonderful companions and, when given proper attention and health care, can live for more than 20 years. From day one, ensure you are doing your part to help your cat live the longest and healthiest life possible.

The CATalyst Council is a national organization which includes a wide variety of animal health and welfare organizations as well as corporate members of the animal health industry that are working together to improve the health and welfare of America’s favorite pet. It was founded in response to troubling statistics released by the American Veterinary Medical Association that indicate an increase in our nation’s pet cat population coupled with a decline in veterinary care for those cats. More information about the CATalyst Council is available at http://www.catalystcouncil.org.


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