Raising money for animals in need


Here at PVMA, we have a charitable arm called the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation (PVF). One of our programs is called The Last Chance Fund, or TLC as we call it. TLC was formed in order to raise money to go toward the veterinary care of abandoned or injured, unowned companion animals. When an animal is treated, participating veterinary practices can apply for funds. It’s a great program!

One of the ways that we raise money for TLC is through our annual Bark in the Park 5k Run & 1 Mile Dog Walk. Held the last Sunday in October, folks come out from the surrounding communities, with or without their dogs and as part of a team or individually, and have some fun for a good cause. Pledges are gathered from family and friends until race day and donations are accepted without having to participate on race day.

Bark in the Park

Get ready … get set …

We also have a Halloween Costume Contest with prizes in several categories. The costumes get more fun and creative every year!

Halloween costume contest

They must have spent a lot of time getting ready!

So who are some of the animals that TLC has helped?


This is Spike

Spike was just a puppy when he was found. He was cowering partially underneath a bush – he’d been hit by a car and left there. The person who found Spike took him to a TLC participating practice where he was found to have a badly broken leg. Because of funds from TLC, Spike was able to have surgery even though he had no owner, and recover at the hospital. Once healed, Spike was adopted into a new family.


This is Hefty.

Hefty earned his name the hard way. A victim of animal cruelty, he was tortured and literally thrown away in a trash bag. He was found meowing loudly while trying to claw his way out of the bag. Rushed to the veterinary hospital, he was found to have a broken rib, fractured pelvis, broken teeth, lung contusions, intestinal parasites, fleas, and – understandably – shock. It took a long time for Hefty to heal completely, but he was eventually adopted – and renamed Mufasa – into a loving home where he is one of three pets.


This is Blitz.

Blitz was born as part of a litter of strays. He wandered around on his own until someone found him with a broken leg, most likely from being hit by a car. He was taken to the veterinary hospital where he had surgery on his leg and pins inserted. He stayed for two months at the hospital while his leg healed. During this time he won the heart of one of the hospital’s veterinary technicians and was adopted by her son.

Please take a moment to learn more about The Last Chance Fund and Bark in the Park and consider making a donation. The program is so worthwhile to so many animals who might not otherwise get the care they need when they are sick or hurt.


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