October is a busy month


It’s nearly Halloween – how did that happen?! The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are changing. But there are a lot of other things going on in October too.

Oliver in his Halloween costume

Oliver in his Halloween costume.

Trick or Treat
Everybody loves trick or treat. Well, everybody except maybe Oliver here who doesn’t look too pleased about his costume. But if you have pets in the house during trick or treat, here are a few tips to make sure everyone has a good time:

  • Keep the goodies away from your pet. Many candies and gums, particularly chocolate candies, contain ingredients which can seriously harm or even kill your pet.
  • If your pet doesn’t like the constant ringing of the doorbell or is afraid of kids in costumes, consider keeping them in another room.
  • If your pet is in the same room with you, make sure they don’t dart out the door when you open it for the kids, either from fear or excitement.
Shelter dog waiting for adoption.

Shelter dog waiting for adoption.

It’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
So many dogs are waiting patiently for a forever home. Wgot there by accident, through the death of an owner, financial burden, whatever the case may be, 9 times out of 10, it wasn’t their fault.

Because of the excitement of getting a puppy, many shelter dogs are overlooked simply for been grown up. Senior pets have it even worse. Often ignored completely, they can wait in the shelter for an adoption until they pass away. Here are some thing to think about when adopting a shelter dog.

  • Shelter dogs are usually house trained, can walk on a leash, and have some manners.
  • Not sure what kind of dog is right for you? Check out the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match tool which looks at breed temperament, exercise requirements, personality traits, and your lifestyle.
  • Also, if you have never had a pet, or just not for a long time, you may be a little sticker shocked at what owning a pet can cost. ASPCA also has a breakdown of what to expect.

It’s Pet Wellness Month

Yorkshire Terrier

Happy pets make happy vets

Does your pet regularly visit the veterinarian for a routine check up? Not only is it recommended but it could save a lot of pain and money down the road. Animals instinctively hide pain, so you may not know your pet is feeling discomfort until something serious occurs. Make sure your pet receives annual care.

pit bull

Pit bulls can make great pets.

It’s Pit Bull Awareness Month
It’s seems like people either love them or hate them, but pit bulls can make great pets.

Did you know that famous figures like President Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller and Fred Astaire all shared their homes with Pit Bulls? Read more true facts about Pit Bulls and stand up against dangerous myths.

Combat dog fighting and breed-specific legislation. Become a voice for dogs who have been victimized by animal fighters and harmful laws. Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade to learn how you can get involved.

Consider adoption or fostering: Thousands of Pit Bulls end up in shelters every year due to abuse, over-breeding and abandonment. Pit Bulls can make very sweet, loyal family dogs and provide a lifetime of joy. Check out 10 Tips for Adopting a Pit Bull to find out if this breed is right for you!

Make your Pit Bull an ambassador. The best way to combat negative stereotypes is for you and your Pit to set a positive example! Take your well-trained dog with you to the park, store, and for long walks to show people the peaceful, gentle side of Pits. Additionally, consider having your dog earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, which may come in handy when facing breed bias from people who don’t understand the good the Pits truly can do.


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