PVF launches Henry’s Helping Paws Fund


Margo and Senator Andy Dinniman with Henry


The Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation – our charitable arm – recently launched a fun new initiative. Launched only in Chester County, PA, near Philadelphia, Henry’s Helping Paws Fund was created to honor Henry, a standard poodle who belonged to state Senator Andy Dinniman and his wife, Margo. Henry was a well-known character who attended many social and political events with Senator Dinniman and was well-loved by the public. Henry passed away in 2014.

In honor of Henry, Senator Dinniman wanted to begin a charity to help seniors with pets who do not have access to pet food. After partnering with Meals on Wheels of Chester County and the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, this food delivery program became a reality on March 17, 2016. Our first delivery was made to Mr. Harvey Phillips of Chester County. Mr. Phillips is 83, homebound, and a Korean War veteran. He spends his days teaching tricks to his dog, Inky, and cat, Samuel. Without a driver’s license and with little family, Henry’s Helping Paws Fund is a perfect fit to make sure Inky and Samuel get the food they need.

HarveyPhillips_and_Inky3While currently only operating in Chester County as a pilot project, the hope is to expand county by county throughout Pennsylvania to help seniors and their pets who need a helping paw to eat.

To learn more about Henry’s Helping Paws fund and to donate, click here.


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