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japaneseboyI’ve got more than one timely thing I want to touch on, so I’ll just touch on them all! (After all it’s Friday, I can do what I want.)

This Sunday, September 28, is World Rabies Day. While most of us in the US get our dogs and cats vaccinated and then think that rabies is mostly left to the odd wildlife creature, in poorer and less developed countries, rabies is a real threat. Especially to children who are more likely to get bitten. In the Pan-American region, Haiti in particular has a big rabies problem in dogs that roam freely, and the sad fact is that with vaccines, it’s 100% preventable. Click here to learn more about what’s being done from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) and make a donation if you so choose. A $20 donation buys the vaccine for 50 dogs – that’s a lot.

September is also Disaster Preparedness Month. Disaster preparedness can take many shapes, but in terms of PVMA, we’re thinking about having a plan for the whole family – including pets – if a disaster would happen. Make a plan of where you would stay if you had to leave your home and had to take your pets with you. Do you have their medications? Do they fit in the car? Do you have a pet-friendly place you can stay? Things we take for granted everyday can suddenly become a huge problem during an emergency. Click here to view our disaster preparedness fact sheet and get some ideas of where you need help.

Friday fun! Here are some random things that I like and hope you will too. Have a great weekend!


PVMA’s Digital Photo Contest Drew Some Great Entries


National Pet Week is an annual event which is celebrated across the country to bring awareness to veterinary medicine and to encourage responsible pet ownership. It’s celebrated any number of ways – veterinary clinics having barbecues, providing coloring sheets and games for children, community outreach and more. Here at PVMA, we host a digital photography contest. Students from across the state are able to submit a photo which depicts the theme “A Photo Shot of Love.” Sometimes getting a great shot is about being in the right place at the right time, but the variety of subject matter is creative and fun. Take a look at a few of our favorite winning entries below, or you can view the entire winner’s gallery on our website. We look forward to next year’s contest!

Taken by Isel P. of Pittsburgh – 6th grade

Taken by Samantha B. of Royersford – 9th grade