It’s National Pet Week!


11Historically, the first week of May is National Pet Week. This week was designed to create awareness about responsible pet ownership. Having a pet is really like having a furry (or scaly, or whatever) child, and the responsibilities are many. It’s a true commitment and if you’re not sure you’re up to the challenge, you’re probably not. Here are some things to think about. Responsible pet ownership means:

  • providing proper food, water, shelter, and exercise
  • providing adequate veterinary care, including preventive care and regular check-ups
  • not giving an animal as a gift to someone who doesn’t want a longterm pet or who can’t handle the responsibility or afford the costs associated with a pet

Here at PVMA, we run an annual photo contest in the spirit of National Pet Week. Open to all Pennsylvania schoolkids, this year’s theme is “A Moment in Time: Loving and Caring for Our Pets.” The contest is open until May 31, so if you know a kid who love animals, have them take a photo and send it in before May 31 to You can check out the photos we’ve already received here.

For a heartwarming story of responsible pet ownership, read this photo essay on the rescue of a golden retriever named Bran.