It’s National Pet Week!


We all love our pets, so what better way to celebrate them than now during National Pet Week! Maybe treat them to extra belly rubs, an extra walk or an extra snack – but here in Pennsylvania, there’s another way too.

Years ago, PVMA created our pet photo contest in honor of National Pet Week. Any child in Pennsylvania in grades K-12 can participate. Here’s how it works:


Children can submit a photo which demonstrates the theme “A Moment in Time: Loving and Caring For Our Pets,” and they could win a $50 prize.

  • Photos must be digital, and should be submitted via email to Lori Raver at
  • Photos should be solely the work of the student
  • Email submissions should include the student’s name, address, phone number, school, and grade.
  • Deadline to submit a photo is May 31, 2016.

PVMA will provide a $50 cash award and a plaque for the first place winner in each grade.


Each entry to the PVMA Photo Contest will be added to our online gallery prior to judging in June so you can share with your friends! Submit a photo now!


In the news …


Harper and Lola

In the past week, I’ve seen several good animal videos and photo essays covering a range of issues and just plain cuteness. Instead of telling you all about them, I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

Frostie the Snow Goat
Frostie – possibly the cutest goat ever – lost the use of his back legs through disease. See how happy he is to get his very own wheelchair.

Mr. G the Goat
Mr G is a goat that was rescued from a hoarding situation who was then separated from his best friend, a burro. See them reunited!

Harlow And Indiana, Instagram’s Best Friends
A photo essay about two dogs that will melt your heart.

Nothing Comes Between a Kid and Their Dog
’nuff said.

BBFF – Bull Dog Best Friend Forever
Harper has no siblings, so her mom got her a bulldog.

It’s National Pet Week!


11Historically, the first week of May is National Pet Week. This week was designed to create awareness about responsible pet ownership. Having a pet is really like having a furry (or scaly, or whatever) child, and the responsibilities are many. It’s a true commitment and if you’re not sure you’re up to the challenge, you’re probably not. Here are some things to think about. Responsible pet ownership means:

  • providing proper food, water, shelter, and exercise
  • providing adequate veterinary care, including preventive care and regular check-ups
  • not giving an animal as a gift to someone who doesn’t want a longterm pet or who can’t handle the responsibility or afford the costs associated with a pet

Here at PVMA, we run an annual photo contest in the spirit of National Pet Week. Open to all Pennsylvania schoolkids, this year’s theme is “A Moment in Time: Loving and Caring for Our Pets.” The contest is open until May 31, so if you know a kid who love animals, have them take a photo and send it in before May 31 to You can check out the photos we’ve already received here.

For a heartwarming story of responsible pet ownership, read this photo essay on the rescue of a golden retriever named Bran.

PVMA’s Digital Photo Contest Drew Some Great Entries


National Pet Week is an annual event which is celebrated across the country to bring awareness to veterinary medicine and to encourage responsible pet ownership. It’s celebrated any number of ways – veterinary clinics having barbecues, providing coloring sheets and games for children, community outreach and more. Here at PVMA, we host a digital photography contest. Students from across the state are able to submit a photo which depicts the theme “A Photo Shot of Love.” Sometimes getting a great shot is about being in the right place at the right time, but the variety of subject matter is creative and fun. Take a look at a few of our favorite winning entries below, or you can view the entire winner’s gallery on our website. We look forward to next year’s contest!

Taken by Isel P. of Pittsburgh – 6th grade

Taken by Samantha B. of Royersford – 9th grade